Shamila brings to the table a style of massage that is infused with attention and care. Her mission is to create a space in which anyone can come and begin to unwind from the currents of life. Our lives can have so many twist and turns, her goal is to help smooth out some of the stiff edges that we may pick up as we go along. She is able to work deeply without rushing to the depths, slowly melting down and through the layers. Shamila knows first hand that the body, mind and emotions are intimately connected. Knowing this keeps her heart humble and steady to hold space for anything that may arise in a session. Working with people has always been a passion of hers and she found that massage provided the perfect avenue to be in service to others while continuing to nurture her love of learning.
Shamila studied Swedish, Connective Tissue Therapy, Somatic Therapy and Structural Integration at Pacific Center of Awareness and Bodywork on Kauai, where she received her certification. She then went on the study Craniosacral through the Upledger Institute, Holy Fire Reiki through Reiki Lifestyle, and Shiatsu long form through Oregon School of Massage. Through her continued education and work she has fallen even deeper in love with bodywork.
She wants to share the gifts massage can really bring to the body and the life of an individual, however big or small. Knowing that health and restoration don’t start and stop on the table she maintains a gentle movement practice through different mediums like yoga, walking, hiking, skipping and playing with her dogs. Having trained with a movement specialist for 6 years, good body mechanics and healthy movement habits are important to her. She looks forward to the forever journey that massage is taking her on in the healing arts. 
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