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Kailashi is an acupuncturist, an OCOM graduate, and is certified by the NCCAOM in Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, and Chinese Herbology. She came to love this medicine through her grandfather, an orthopedic surgeon who gave up his surgical practice to begin offering acupuncture to his patients in Indiana in 1986. His drive and passion has been a beacon for Kailashi ever since she decided to follow his footsteps and become a practitioner of this beautiful medicine. She has also felt the breadth of Chinese medicine through her own searches for health. Having been diagnosed with an ulcer at the age of 19 and struggling with PPIs and antibiotics, she finally found relief in acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

Sessions with Kailashi can include acupuncture, herbs, tui na massage, cupping, gua sha, and mayan abdominal massage. She strives to offer unique treatments meeting patients where they are at. While offering a general practice open to all people in all conditions, Kailashi believes that through improving sleep, digestion, and gynecological health, while also easing any symptoms of pain, the body can be freed up to heal itself. Patients will also be given self-care practices to keep the momentum of change going between appointments and to support the maintenance phase.

When not practicing at Portland Family Health, she teaches in OCOM’s herbal medicinary and TA classes in tui na and acupuncture point location. She loves staying connected to the learning environment and the energy of exploration within the field of Chinese Medicine. She also has a daily seated practice and enjoys spending time with her community. In her remaining free time, she can be found at the Sandy River Delta throwing sticks for a lovable labradoodle named Wanda, at the climbing gym, and exploring all that Portland has to offer.