Licensed Professional Counselor
National Certified Counselor
Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor

For over 15 years, Jeff has devoted himself to the care and emotional wellbeing of adolescents, young adults and their families. Known for his calm and compassionate style, Jeff is highly regarded for his ability to quickly build rapport with teens, while bringing deep understanding and clinical skills to the unique challenges young people face.

Why Therapy for Teens?

When teens feel overwhelmed, it is challenging to feel confident and happy. Being overwhelmed and stressed can look like anxiety, depression, defiance, and acting like they don’t care.

Drug and alcohol abuse, getting lost in their phone or video games, avoiding school, shutting down and isolating, or becoming angry and acting out are all ways young people try to manage their feelings, and they become distressed when it doesn’t really help.

They stay stuck, and being stuck is painful.

Counseling for teens and young adults is a specialized therapy approach, and you will have the most effective and positive experience in therapy with someone possessing extensive experience working with teens.

How I Work With Teens and Young Adults

It is my central belief that teens are experts in their own lives. While often intelligent and capable, they sometimes engage in behaviors or ways of thinking that undermine their wellbeing.

Rather than just focusing solely on the symptom (the outward behavior), we work together to address the underlying experiences, thoughts and beliefs that lead to emotional distress. By resolving and healing past hurts, developing resilience to face current stressful experiences, and reconnecting with what is most important to us, we can begin to thrive.

While my practice addresses general adolescent mental health, my particular areas of specialization are anxiety and social anxiety, substance abuse and addiction, “smart but failing” students, school overwhelm and school avoidance, excessive use of technology/video games, ADHD and executive functioning issues, depression and low self-worth, divorce and blended families, and attachment issues (including adoption).

My clients have experienced very positive outcomes through our use together of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Family Systems, Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT), Dialectic Behavior Therapy (DBT), mindfulness skills and art therapy. I am also trained in EMDR and trauma resolution in adolescents.

About Jeff

Jeff began his counseling career as a wilderness therapist for Catherine Freer Wilderness Therapy Programs in Oregon in 2004. Jeff loves supporting teens doing the hard work of healing and growing emotionally, and was drawn to the honest experience of living and working as a “family” in the beauty of the natural world. In 2013, Jeff opened his private practice and quickly became in high demand for his expertise in adolescent mental health.

Jeff holds a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Prescott College, a second Masters degree in Music Performance from the Juilliard School in New York City, and pursued doctoral studies at the University of Oregon.

Jeff has received additional advanced training in the treatment of substance abuse and addiction, behavioral treatment of ADHD, EMDR and the treatment of trauma, family therapy, parent coaching, and the application of mindfulness practices in psychotherapy.

In addition to his private counseling practice, Jeff is a parent coach and family therapist with Second Nature 360.

Prior to his work in counseling, Jeff was an accomplished professional orchestra musician, conductor and educator. He continues to perform professionally as percussionist with the Oregon Ballet and Portland Opera and as assistant conductor of the Oregon Ballet Orchestra. He remains active in music education with young people as conductor of the Metropolitan Youth Symphony Concert Orchestra.

Jeff has two college-age sons, who have taught him a great deal about parenting, being a teen and navigating life as a young person!

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