Gigi is a small-town girl from Iowa, which has allowed her to build strong relationships and has helped mold her into who she is today.  She has had the opportunity to wear many hats in her life and career.   For the past eight years, she has lived in Minnesota practicing massage and becoming a lactation consultant, craniosacral therapist and doula working in a large inner city hospital and in the community. Throughout her career, Gigi has continued to connect with folks from many different age groups and life paths.

Throughout her 16 years as a licensed Massage Therapist, her practice has grown and evolved. Through internationally certified continuing education, Gigi has developed advanced massage modalities that address a variety of skeletal and muscle conditions for adults, but also specializing in pre and post birth care for mothers and infants.  Her wide range of treatments encompasses deep tissue, lymphatic draining, cupping, Thai stretching, and other practices for the elongation of muscles. A combination of these approaches can be tailored for athletes to improve their sports performance or for injury rehabilitation. In addition, the application of these methods are ideal for clients that are looking for greater mobility/range of motion, or just putting more life and energy back into their bodies.

Pre or Post Birth Self-Care – For expecting mothers: Are you having trouble sleeping at night? Feeling anxious, tired or uncomfortable? Is the infant needing to be in a different position? For new mothers: Is your body feeling depleted after your birth? Feeling overwhelmed?  Struggling with your milk supply?  Are you having postpartum issues? Gigi can provide whole-body individualized stretching, unwinding, myofascial release therapy, and craniosacral for the expecting or new mother.

Gigi remains rooted in the ideal that life is about connection and building relationships is the embodiment of this.  Understanding individual and familial stories is paramount to providing support and help to comprehensively heal: mind, body, soul. Her holistic approach acknowledges hormones, muscle tension, mental health, and lifestyle are just a small part of who you are. Her goal is to connect with you to help align each component…from head to toe.

visit Gigi’s personal page for her doula services: Connection Therapy from Head to Toe