dr. kacy borba spann is now available at:

Opening to Life 3942 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR 97214  Phone: 503-298-6944 or email reception@quercusnaturalhealth.com

Pohala Clinic at 7477 SE 52nd Avenue Portland OR 97206  Phone: 503-388-6408 or email scheduling@pohalaclinic.com

dr. kacy l. borba spann (she/they/two spirit) of Quercus Natural Health, is a Naturopathic Doctor and Licensed Acupuncturist practicing adjunctive healthcare. Adjunctive care means that dr. kacy does not practice primary care.

dr. kacy hails from a big family in a small “cow-town” on the central coast of California where her Salinan ancestors have lived for over 6,000 years and live oaks abound. She studied Community Healthcare at UC Santa Cruz — a major she designed — focusing on social inequities in healthcare and biomedical sciences. A few years later dr. kacy journeyed to Portland, OR for graduate school at the National College of Natural Medicine. There she spent time growing, changing, learning, healing and connecting with Naturopathic and Chinese medicine.

She thinks that being bipedal is the coolest and likes to be in motion, whether walking, skateboarding, dancing, or hula hooping. dr. kacy loves to be in nature with her bare feet on the earth near bodies of moving water. When she is with the ocean tides on a full moon she feels most connected to our creator.  She believes there’s no better dessert than a chocolate chip cookie and that we all deserve to treat ourselves. She strives to find what is to love in each soul she meets, and she looks forward to meeting you!

dr. kacy is a generalist at heart and loves seeing all ages and stages though tends to most often treat pain and psychospiritual issues. She is a very hands-on practitioner with a strong belief in the value of therapeutic touch which can include: acupuncture, non-insertive acupuncture, bodywork (myofascial release, channel work, cranio-sacral, abdominal massage), injection therapy, spinal manipulation, nasal specifics, holistic pelvic therapy.

 In dr. kacy’s own words:

I love working with people who are interested in their own healing and understand that health is a life-long journey that requires more care as we age and are not just looking for a quick fix.

Through our work together you’ll be equipped with healthier ways of being in the world and in your body.  We walk in partnership to nourish your being: body, mind, soul/spirit and community. You deserve to be cared for, and your body is a powerful guide. Together we’ll cultivate robust and comprehensive care that supports your lifelong thriving. Our work respects that healing is a journey with many paths — a journey without judgement, and I always opt for open honesty over dogmatic doctoring.

Your goals are my goals

I honor your intuition and understanding of self and help uplift your unique ways of being as you begin to live with vitality and joy. We do this through deep connection and cultivation of your most vibrant self.

The first time we meet we’ll talk for an hour and do about a half-hour of treatment. I take this time to learn your health history and story as we establish a foundation rooted in safety, consent and care that will guide our partnership. Ultimately, my goal is to ensure that you feel seen, safe, and supported to achieve your health goals.

Quercus Natural Health