Dr. Kacy L Borba Spann hails from a big family in a small cow-town on the central coast of California. She studied Community Healthcare at UC Santa Cruz, a major she designed, focusing on social inequities in healthcare and biomedical sciences. A few years later she found herself in Portland, OR for graduate school at the National College of Natural Medicine where she spent time growing, changing, learning, healing and connecting with Naturopathic and Chinese medicine.

She thinks that being bipedal is the coolest and likes to be in motion, whether walking, skateboarding, dancing, or hula hooping. Dr. Kacy loves to be nature with her bare feet on the earth near bodies of moving water. When she is with the ocean tides on a full moon she feels the most connected to our creator. She believes there’s no better dessert than a chocolate chip cookie. She strives to find what is to love in each soul she meets!

Dr. Kacy enjoys and is able to connect with a variety of folks. She prefers her role as practitioner to be a partnership and realizes healing is a journey with many paths. She is creative, flexible and grounded in her approach to care using many modalities, including: classical acupuncture, non-insertive Japanese acupuncture for pediatric patients, spinal manipulations, fire cupping, bleeding cupping, scar therapy, prolotherapy, bodywork (including cranio-sacral, myofascial release, shiatsu and channel work), post-surgical recovery, and naso-specifics. She uses basic and specialty lab work and imaging to aid in diagnosis and treatment efficacy. Dr. Kacy believes touch is incredibly important to healing and is a hands-on doctor with thorough physical exams and treatment modalities as well as a hug at the end of each visit (if wanted of course). She is constantly re-iterating to her patients that “it’s your body, your choice” and will walk your path towards betterment at your pace and without judgement, opting for open honesty over dogmatic doctoring.

Many of her patients have admitted that she is the first doctor they actually look forward to seeing!



dr. kacy borba spann, ND, LAc and Monicka Koneski, LMT, Somatic Movement & Yoga Teacher to help you heal from your birth trauma. One of the most common responses that we hear from birthing parents who have experienced miscarriage, pregnancy loss, intervention, medical trauma, lack of support or anything else that has caused them to feel traumatized from pregnancy and/or birth is that they feel so alone. We are here to create support around healing from birth trauma. We are here so that you know you are not alone. We are here because we have experienced traumatic births and the residual impact it can have on the postpartum experience as well as any and all other aspects of life. In each Seasonal Workshop will have a different theme utilizing  art, movement, writing, meditation, sound healing and community.

 The Bhakstishop Yoga Center hosts our Seasonal Workshops. Please click the link following link for upcoming workshop and registration information: https://www.thebhaktishop.com/workshops

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