Contact Cydney by email: to stay in contact for bodywork and ceremony.  Location released upon appt.


Cydney French has been a bodyworker since 2004.  She is a skilled listener to the language of the body & spirit. Cydney works to aid the body to heal at its deepest levels specific to the needs of each client.  She is skilled at addressing the issues that brings a person to her table. She holds respect for the natural rhythms of healing that the body calls for and is willing to adapt each session  to achieve this effect. Cydney is fluent in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Table Thai, Trigger Point, Biodynamic Craniosacral as well as Myofascial Release techniques holding her LMT, CA licensure since 2005.

Cydney is trained in traditional medicine practices, having studied under the elders, Jan Engles-Smith and Ed Aguilar, to lend a deeper layer of healing into a session.  She offers individual ceremonies to address deeper issues separately from therapeutic massage sessions.  These ceremony sessions will range in form and content and are tailored to the person who is seeking this work in union with the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels of human experience.  Inquire with reception for appointment times.  Duration for these sessions can last 2-3 hours in length.  See her bigger healing work on behalf of the Earth and Waterways at

Cydney practices a variety of modalities that can be used to attain the desired results of her clients. She is versed in the consciousness of the physical body, the emotional systems, and the energetic bodies. Her ability to be actively present to the needs of her clients allows the session to be crafted individually.

In addition to being a Healer, Cydney has a thriving practice in the field of art, having graduated from Pacific Northwest College of Art in 1998. Her creative and healing practices compliment one another and create a diverse well of inspiration that fuels her enthusiasm for both.
Additionally, she is a mother blessed with the incredible honor of raising two engaged and lovely daughters.  Her extra curricular activities include all things water related, outdoor adventure and satisfying her natural curiosity around most things to understand the world at large.  With a genuine love of people, Cydney loves to engage in lively conversations where connections occur naturally and authentically.

To learn see more about Cydney’s advocacy in healing for both the planet and the people, visit her IG: @cydneyfrench.
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