Chelsea is an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant), licensed in Oregon. Chelsea is originally from the east coast and moved to Portland in 2010 just before her first child was born. At that time, Chelsea was pursuing a career in nutrition, driven by her love of health and wellness. After becoming a mother herself, Chelsea realized her true passion was to offer support to other parents during a time that can be both joyous and challenging.

Chelsea began gaining experience as a breastfeeding peer counselor with Nursing Mothers Counsel of Oregon and has been providing lactation support to new and growing families since 2013. Chelsea went on to earn a degree in lactation consulting from Birthingway College of Midwifery and sat for the IBCLE board exam in 2016.

Through her time and experiences serving families with feeding difficulties, Chelsea has developed a strong passion for helping parents navigate challenges and reach their personal goals. She brings a gentle and nurturing energy as she guides clients in developing a plan that is effective yet sustainable. She works without judgement and tries to make it fun whenever possible. She genuinely understands the importance of helping others through challenges with an open mind and compassionate heart and she strives to provide that for each client. Experiencing different family dynamics and building relationships based on meeting individual needs are a huge part of what Chelsea loves about her work. She is committed to bringing high quality, comprehensive care to the families she serves.

When not providing lactation care Chelsea can be found cooking southern food, traveling with her family to places near and far, gardening, and planning her next continuing education opportunity.

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