Spirit Medicine

Spirit Medicine deals with the esoteric ways in which illness, injury, trauma and loss live in our bodies and through our lives.

These sessions are ceremonially based after teachings Cydney French has learned since 2005 from Elders of traditional medicine, ongoing bodywork education, and mindful life coaching skills. These sessions are based in ritual and include deep processing on behalf of the soul’s journey and the patterns we carry.

These ceremonies are NOT plant based nor attached to any one sect of spiritual teachings. They ARE addressing the many layers that may go undiscovered in other approaches. They exist in the spiritual plane through the physical and emotional form.

Cydney French, LMT, CA

Cydney French has been a bodyworker since 2004.  She listens with presence to the individual needs of each client to address the issues that brings a person to her table. She is a skilled listener to the language of the body & spirit and works to aid the body to heal at its deepest levels. She holds respect for the natural rhythms of healing that the body requires and is willing to adapt each session to what a client is requesting to achieve this effect. Cydney is fluent in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Table Thai, Trigger Point, as well as Myofascial Release techniques. She is also trained in the tradition of Core Shamanism to lend another layer of healing into the session.

Cydney practices a variety of modalities that can be used to attain the desired results of her clients. She is versed in the many layers of the physical body, the emotional systems, and the energetic bodies. Her ability to actively listen to the needs of her clients allows the session to be crafted individually.

In addition to being a light worker, Cydney has a thriving practice in the field of art, having graduated from Pacific Northwest College of Art in 1998. Her creative and healing practices compliment one another and create a diverse well of inspiration that fuels her enthusiasm for both, as well as the incredible honor of raising two lovely daughters.