Shiatsu focus is on the energy pathways (meridians or channels) and how they relate to the muscles, connective tissue, structural alignment, joints, nervous system and organ systems. Connecting you to your own body’s ability to heal and have optimal health. The work is done through loose comfortable clothing, like yoga pants and t-shirt.

Most clients experience a deeper relaxation and a sense of increased energy following a Shiatsu session than with other forms of massage. While the focus is on the meridians, the muscles and all the connective tissues is worked on as well. Allowing deeper release of tension.There may be points or areas of sensitivity. During the session, Tina will check in with clients to identify areas that tend to be sensitive and adjust treatment accordingly.

Shiatsu is additionally helpful for autoimmune illnesses like cancer, MS, HIV, lupus, arthritis as it aids to support the immune system to reduce the signs and symptoms of the condition you are dealing with.

Our Shiatsu expert, Tina Rea, with 24 years experience in Shiatsu is also a Chiropractic Assistant and is teamed up with the Chiropractic and Massage team, so there are more options for billing, as well as continuity in your care. Please call the office to schedule or verify your insurance.

Shiatsu is a beautiful compliment to other types of bodywork, as it really helps to integrate the changes you are seeking and support your overall wellness goals.

Tina Rea, LMT, CA

While Tina’s work is based on Zen Shiatsu, she has created an approach to Shiatsu from over two decades of training and many more decades of living and learning about life and the body.  Each of us have our own ecosystem, our own ecological landscape.  Everything in our lives has an effect on how we live and move through our lives: the foods we eat or do not eat, the stressors in our lives, how we move through our days, sleep, play and the conversations we have with ourselves.

Your Shiatsu session is created for you each time you come in, connecting to you, your energy and how you feel at the moment.  Tina’s goal is to partner with you in your healing process, including reducing pain, increasing mobility, improving sleep and energy, balancing digestion, reducing stress & anxiety and improving your sense of overall well-being.