Massage Therapy

Our team of Massage Therapists come to the practice with extensive experience as well as a deep understanding of the body. With skills that vary in depth and range, the client is in the best hands possible to find the care that is sought out. With a keen ear for listening, each therapist is adept at meeting the client right where they are, approaching the session with a willingness to allow the client to dictate the path to wellness utilizing the many modalities available.

Visit us for a calming and healing massage therapy experience with therapeutic, deep tissue, myofascial, trigger point, acupressure, craniosacral, shiatsu, pregnancy and injury support . We assist all individuals, but specialize in supporting women through their journey of motherhood: preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum recovery. We love helping those with chronic pain, injuries related to motor vehicle accidents, athletic injuries & those in need of emotional support through the use of bodywork.

Our specialties include:

Prenatal Massage
Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage
Craniosacral Therapy
Injury Support for Motor Vehicles Accidents

Nicole Craigmiles, LMT, CA

Nicole came to massage therapy after having her children and leaving a corporate training career. She discovered a much-needed quiet space on a massage table during a trip to Mexico. She followed her new-found interest by studying at East West College of Healing Arts and graduated in December 2016,

One of the reasons she loves massage is how happy it makes people. In our fast paced, chaotic world, people rarely stop and just breathe. Nicole believes that massage offers the space to heal by opening up tight areas of the body and giving the mind a break from life. She studied Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Thai Massage, and basic Craniosacral Therapy techniques and incorporates them into her massages.

Cydney French, LMT, CA

Cydney French has been a bodyworker since 2004.  She listens with presence to the individual needs of each client to address the issues that brings a person to her table. She is a skilled listener to the language of the body & spirit and works to aid the body to heal at its deepest levels. She holds respect for the natural rhythms of healing that the body requires and is willing to adapt each session to what a client is requesting to achieve this effect. Cydney is fluent in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Table Thai, Trigger Point, as well as Myofascial Release techniques. She is also trained in the tradition of Core Shamanism to lend another layer of healing into the session.

Cydney practices a variety of modalities that can be used to attain the desired results of her clients. She is versed in the many layers of the physical body, the emotional systems, and the energetic bodies. Her ability to actively listen to the needs of her clients allows the session to be crafted individually.

In addition to being a light worker, Cydney has a thriving practice in the field of art, having graduated from Pacific Northwest College of Art in 1998. Her creative and healing practices compliment one another and create a diverse well of inspiration that fuels her enthusiasm for both, as well as the incredible honor of raising two lovely daughters.

Ashley Oakley, LMT

Ashley is an intuitive massage therapist, strongly dedicated to meeting her patients where they are in their healing journey & tailoring each treatment to the individual in mind, body & spirit.

Megan Pardee, LMT, CA

Megan is dedicated to enabling her clients to return to joyful lives through pain and stress reduction. Megan’s bodywork toolbox includes subtle techniques such as Craniosacral, deep therapeutic structural work, and so much in between!

Her clients find her to be warm, intuitive, and easy to talk to. She loves analyzing each person’s situation to figure out the optimal combination of bodywork techniques and self care strategies that will best support each individual. Knowing that nurturing human touch is a requirement for human health, and that the childbearing year is deeply formative for families, Megan has a special interest in supporting women through their journey of motherhood- preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum recovery.

Tina Rea, LMT, CA

While Tina’s work is based on Zen Shiatsu, she has created an approach to Shiatsu from over two decades of training and many more decades of living and learning about life and the body.  Each of us have our own ecosystem, our own ecological landscape.  Everything in our lives has an effect on how we live and move through our lives: the foods we eat or do not eat, the stressors in our lives, how we move through our days, sleep, play and the conversations we have with ourselves.

Your Shiatsu session is created for you each time you come in, connecting to you, your energy and how you feel at the moment.  Tina’s goal is to partner with you in your healing process, including reducing pain, increasing mobility, improving sleep and energy, balancing digestion, reducing stress & anxiety and improving your sense of overall well-being.