Lactation Services

A lactation consultant provides services to help a parent reach their breastfeeding/feeding goals. Services are provided in the comfort of the family’s home or in our office space at Portland Family Health. The consultant will serve as a resource for parents by providing accurate, evidence-based information and practical support. Throughout the visit, the lactation consultant uses their knowledge and experience to assess the current situation in order to come up with a plan that best needs your individual needs and goals.

What takes place at a lactation visit?

Thorough health and birth history obtained
Discussion of feeding goals
Take infant’s weight
Observation of mother and baby during a feed
Help with breastfeeding latch and positioning
Assessment of amount of milk transferred during feeding
Oral exam performed (only if this is ok with you) to evaluate baby’s sucking skills for strength and range of motion
Breast exam (with permission only)
Discuss any problems or concerns
Create an individualized care plan that will work for you
Follow-up phone call
Follow-up visits and weight checks scheduled as needed

Fees for Services:

We currently offer prenatal and postpartum lactation support home visits, office visits at Portland Family Health, or visits at your hospital or birthing center.
Please call or email Bliss Lactation for a full list of fees for services.
Chelsea is currently an in-network provider (IBCLC) with Aetna. For any other insurance plan, payment will be collected at time of service and a superbill with codes will be provided to submit to your company for possible reimbursement.

Chelsea DeSorbo, IBCLC

Chelsea is an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant), licensed in Oregon. Chelsea is originally from the east coast and moved to Portland in 2010 just before her first child was born. At that time, Chelsea was pursuing a career in nutrition, driven by her love of health and wellness. After becoming a mother herself, Chelsea realized her true passion was to offer support to other parents during a time that can be both joyous and challenging.

Through her time and experiences serving families with feeding difficulties, Chelsea has developed a strong passion for helping parents navigate challenges and reach their personal goals. She brings a gentle and nurturing energy as she guides clients in developing a plan that is effective yet sustainable. She works without judgement and tries to make it fun whenever possible.

Lara Greenberg, IBCLC

Lara is an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) in Portland, Oregon. She fell in love with the idea of helping families achieve their breastfeeding goals when she struggled with breastfeeding her own 1st born. There was surprisingly little support and when she finally found someone to help, it was life-changing for her and her son. After 2 more babies and a total of 10 years of breastfeeding, she decided to make the dream a reality and began the formal education to become a Lactation Consultant. It took 5 years but was worth every second! Lara received her clinical training as a Peer Counselor at Multnomah County WIC (Women Infants and Children supplemental nutrition program) and at the Nursing Mother’s Counsel of Oregon. Lara spent much of her time supporting women during their pregnancies through prenatal classes and developed a passion for educating families during this important time. During the postpartum period, Lara worked with families in clinic, at home and on the phone, supporting their efforts to meet their specific breastfeeding goals. Lara brings her wealth of experience with her to every client, as well as warmth and humor. She creates a relaxed and comfortable environment during a time that can be joyous, exciting, stressful and scary all at the same time.