You are the hero of your own story

We’re Here to Help Facilitate Your Power

We provide whole-person care and support, guiding your transformation to living your best life.

About Portland Family Health

We offer knowledge, support and guidance for you in your health journey with the most up-to-date, evidence-based medicine to achieve body, mind and spirit health. Your being has an inherent knowledge capable of incredible things but sometimes it needs help returning to that full potential.

Through comprehensive medicine practices, we strive to work collectively for your benefit.  We work to ensure each person is receiving whole person care.  Whether it be giving birth, recovering from an injury or an accident or maintaining an active lifestyle, we target care to allow you to feel empowered to choose the best modalities for your healing path.

We are unique in the number of healing modalities that we offer under one roof, combined with a collaborative approach between patients and their practitioners.  We work as a team to support you and your goals.

Take care of you. Take care of your family. Get better here.

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Feel Heard, Feel Hope, Feel Cared For

Our goal at Portland Family Health is to reconnect you to yourself, your bodies, your families & your best life. Healing is not an individual act. As individuals, we live our lives interacting with friends, families, neighbors, our nation, & our planet. What we bring into each of those interactions affects the whole of our communities. We are a collective people. Our healing philosophy offers connection through compassionate understanding, listening without judgement and a skilled practice learned through education and experience.

Whole Person Support

We support individuals and growing families through all the twists and turns life delivers. Whether you are planning on becoming pregnant, feeling stressed and alone, injured in a car accident or just love to get outdoors to play hard, we are here to support the whole of you. You and your family can individually craft the best combination of practitioners to assist you on your healing path. We work together as a team for your greatest benefit. Our practitioners are savvy listeners, seeking to help you find your highest potential to allow for a more complete, foundational wellness.