Rev. Rose Matthews, NC


Holistic Nutritionist and Spiritual Counselor


Rose champions the unusual but powerful combination of science and spirituality.

Using evidence-based therapeutic nutrition and clairvoyant energy work, Rose

creates a container for people to heal. Beginning this journey by healing herself from

asthma, allergies, leaky gut and fatigue, Rose is familiar with how it feels to be ill and

out of alignment. She also knows it is possible to transcend those illnesses.

Rose studied holistic nutrition at Bauman College, certifying as a Nutrition

Consultant. She concurrently studied with Berkeley Psychic Institute for five years

in their seminary and Clairvoyant Training program. Her approach to healing is with

deep reverence to the human and the divine, subscribing to no particular religion

but drawing from them all.


Rose started her nutrition practice in 2015 and quickly learnt that the physical and

spiritual aspects of a person’s health are so connected that to make sustainable

progress, we must address both. Rose developed her own integrative approach to

healing by addressing the root cause in the physical body and the energetic body.

With her unique approach, Rose supports the healing of the following physical and

spiritual conditions: leaky gut, IBS, candida, auto-immune conditions, addiction,

chronic pain, chronic fatigue, mental illness, stress, allergies, disembodiment, feeling

highly sensitive/empathic, ancestral trauma, energetic pain, possession, existential

crisis, lack of autonomy/sovereignty and beyond.


Rose adores working with clients and finds it deeply rewarding to work in multiple

dimensions. She continues on the path to sustainable healing for herself, her family,

her community and the planet.


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