There are times in life where we can use an empathic, nonjudgmental listener who can be present with us as we explore our challenges and develop insight into what we truly need.

Kaci began her practice because she believes that all individuals have the capacity to grow, heal, and transform, and that we all have insight that we can learn to tap into. She also believes that working through our challenges with self-compassion and understanding can help us move from pain and frustration to peace and autonomy to create meaningful lives. She is dedicated to helping her clients explore their unique challenges and life situations so that they can uncover joy, contentment, and ease, as well as find solutions to unresolved issues and process and manage trauma. She encourages her clients to look within themselves to find their own strengths, resources, and inner wisdom.

Kaci works with preteens, teenagers, and adults who are experiencing a variety of challenges, including difficulties in relationships, grief, indecision, anxiety, and depression, as well as searching for meaning, which she believes is an inherent part of the experience of being human. She utilizes mindfulness-based approaches in her work, as she believes that it is through being able to truly know and be with ourselves that we can heal and uncover our truths. She draws from person-centered, narrative, and existential theories, among others, as she believes that we are in a continual process of discovering and creating the meaning in our own lives and that it is through fully accepting who we are that we can see our lives–past, present, and possible futures–clearly. This process is complex, and each person is unique, so she approaches each client individually so that they can find together what will work best for them.

Kaci Schmitt is a Licensed Professional Counselor-Registered Intern in the state of Oregon. She is so excited to be seeing clients at Portland Family Health. She moved to Portland from Georgia in 2013, and she absolutely loves living in this beautiful part of the country! She graduated from Oregon State University with a Master of Science in Counseling in 2017 and is in her third year working as a school counselor in Beaverton. She utilizes mindfulness-based approaches and draws from existential and person-centered theories in her work with individuals in private practice. She specializes in working with anxiety but works with people experiencing a wide range of issues, including those related to depression, divorce, school and work, careers, relationships, life transitions, grief, trauma, gender/sexuality, etc.

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