In the spirit of humor and health, Jenn’s approach to massage is both compassionate and empowering. She engages clients through education, which initiates lasting change and reinforces bodywork. Her dynamic style is flexible in pressure and technique, suitable for all types of people and particularly effective for athletes, kids, parents, and workaholics.

Jenn offers Deep Tissue Massage, Myofacial Release, Structural Bodywork, Trigger Point, Swedish Relaxation, and basic Craniosacral Therapy. She loves to work on necks, pecs, lats, psoas,’ gluts, IT bands, and feet. Unlocking the puzzle of muscular dysfunction is her favorite game.

Jenn studied massage therapy at East West College of the Healing Arts; and fine art at Cornell University. After 16 years as a photographer, her love for sculpting led her to massage therapy, where her experience with photographing people developed into posture and gait assessment skills.

Jenn is a biker, runner, snowboarder & SUP’er with a deep love for the outdoors, her family and daily belly-laughs. She loves that her work affects healing and happiness in her community.

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