Being the movement lover that she is, Jana discovered the benefits of bodywork through her dance training during her undergraduate studies at the UO, where she received her BA in Dance and Sociology in 2011. Discovering ways the body can heal, express, and create through movement has been a life-long passion of hers. She believes the body has the answers to our questions if we ask them and listen with trust and respect.

Caring for people going through any sort of vulnerable transition, or for anyone  who is at point A, and wants to be at point B, is a main focus of hers.

Jana graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts in March 2015, and has been practicing as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Chiropractic Assistant ever since. She specializes in Deep Tissue, table thai, prenatal massage, hot stone therapy, cupping, trigger point therapy, and Swedish massage.

As a native Oregonian, she loves walking through the forest and hugging the trees, doing handstands on the beach, eating lunch in the garden with friends, soaking her face in the sun, and twirling in the rain. She also is passionate about creative dance for adolescents and playing with children.

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