Growing Care PDXThe growing numbers of children diagnosed with learning disabilities and attention disorders these days cannot go without notice…and grave concern. We all ask, “are children really changing or are we just learning more and now making diagnoses unlike before?”

Well,  it is probably a little of both. And maybe more important to ask, “are children these days living different lives than decades ago?” The answer to that is clear and makes us consider the effects of these general trends:

  • Increasing interventions during labor that may alter the natural birth process and infant head shaping
  • Decreasing activity-levels for children who are now far more interested in TV, computers and video games… not to mention the underlying stresses these place on the nervous system
  • Poor nutrition for children with increased access to processed foods, sodas, and refined sugar snacks
  • Heightened professionally-minded parents with less time for children and possibly more stress to share
  • Increasing use of drugs for childhood illnesses- including antibiotics and vaccinations
  • Greater testing emphasis in the schools and less time for focus on individual developmental needs

Any one of these can throw a child out of balance, leading them to patterns lending to

  • Dyslexia
  • Autism
  • Aspergers, and so on.

As a doctor who has spent many years working with young people in educational settings, Dr. Jess is so passionate about helping families find the roots of the imbalance and help them get a fresh start- naturally. This process will be different for every child, but the evaluation will include:

  • Structural – To see if there is nervous system interference stemming from cranial or vertebral
    structures. These can be reduced with Chiropractic care and CranioSacral Therapy
  • Lifestyle -To determine the roll of their environment at home or school.
  • Diet- This can be a huge source of system stress and will be carefully evaluated and likely modified.
  • Basic Developmental and Reflex Patterns- Challenged children often have subtle (or not so subtle)
    deficiencies in their automatic reflexes and coordinated actions. Using Brain Gym movements and
    balances can help to re-pattern and strengthen proper learning pathways.
  • Dominance Patterns- Discovering your child’s dominant eye, ear, hand and brain hemisphere can shed enormous light on their learning strengths and challenges, allowing them awareness and advocacy for optimum efficiency.

Whether this will be your first stop on the road to exploring your unique child, or a “last resort” after many interventions and frustrations- we are eager to help you. We will work together to create a plan that is appropriate for your child and attainable for your lifestyle.

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